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Being different, outside of the expected norms, or desiring alternative sexuality and lifestyles doesn’t need to be a source of shame or embarrassment.  I offer empowering Mental Health and Sexuality Therapy/Coaching Services for individuals and couples who want to let go of shame, embarrassment, doubt, fear, guilt, and anxiety.  I also consult and educate members of the general public, family, and friends about these issues.  

AB/DL Mental Health and
Sexuality Coaching Services

AB/DL Coaching is my primary focus and passion. AB/DLs seek mental health services for a wide range of issues.

While some seek help for the same issues as everyone else in the general population, many seek help for problems unique to this community. Often, they need someone knowledgeable and non-judgmental about the unique aspects of their lives.

Alternative Sexuality
Mental Health Coaching

Over the past 30 years, I have worked with clients on various issues involving sexuality.  I specialize in Alternative Sexuality, Sex Therapy, General Mental Health Issues, and Clinical Hypnosis.  

While my practice currently focuses on AB/DL and Age Play, I offer these other services on a case-by-case basis.

Common Questions About Mental Health and Sexuality Services

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Coaching and therapy are nearly identical for me.  The only difference is that I can reach individuals around the US and the world by offering coaching services.  These services are virtual talk therapy sessions.  I use many traditional psychotherapy techniques to help you to envision the best in you and your partner.

While some clients may need or ask for longer sessions, I typically meet with a client for 55 minutes per session.  

No. Coaching is not accepted by insurance companies.  I also do not take insurance for in-state therapy clients.  To learn more about why and what you should know about insurance and Mental Health services, visit this article.

Your needs and personal circumstances will determine the frequency of your sessions.

Yes.  Everything we discuss in our sessions is confidential unless you sign a consent form or legal obligations require me to share information.

While my approach is the same, licensing issues prevent me from offering psychotherapy services outside of the State of Colorado.  Because I reach AB/DL and Age Play clients throughout the US and the world, I offer coaching services instead. The primary difference, as it applies to you, is terminology.

If you have found the right therapist or coach, you should feel free to be authentic and honest.  You should feel accepted and able to express your concerns or thoughts without fear of judgment.  Your therapist or coach should also have the skills and experience necessary to help you move forward and work through your problems. Most importantly, your therapist or coach should be someone you look forward to meeting with and feels like a trusted advisor or ally.

I cannot tell you how many sessions you will need.  That is often determined by how quickly you achieve your goals and how complex your situation is.  Everyone is different, and no one is wrong or right for taking less or more time to achieve their goals.

I no longer work out of a physical office.  Instead, I offer virtual sessions for all my clients.  You can meet with me anywhere you like as long as you can connect with me virtually.

Simply visit my contact page and send me an email.  I will contact you and set up a time for a free consultation or appointment.  I typically respond within 24 hours.

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