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Alternative Sexuality Resources

Check below for resources meant to inform and empower you as you explore open relationships.


Knowledge is power, and these resources will help you learn more about different open relationships and how they work.  While you can never truly learn everything in books, gaining insight into the mechanics and ethics of open relationships can help you navigate this lifestyle more successfully.


There are many other resources available to explore as well!  Don’t hesitate to dive into more information and new or updated podcasts, books, and articles!


If you have any questions or concerns that are relevant and helpful, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!


Open Relationships

by Rhoda Lipscomb, Ph.D.

An innovative guide to help you navigate the world of alternative sexuality; focusing on BDSM, kinks, fetishes, and open relationships.

by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton

The classic guide to love, sex, and intimacy beyond the limits of conventional monogamy has been fully updated to reflect today’s modern attitudes and the latest information on nontraditional relationships.

Group Hosted by Rhoda Lipscomb, Ph.D.

This private group is free to join and is designed for those new to open relationships as well as a space for those who are experienced to get information, advice and guidance on the best ways to design and navigate the joys and struggles of being in an open relationship.

Swinging Lifestyle

Image Link to Purchase The Ultimate Swinger's Guide by Natalie Robinson

by Natalie Robinson

This is a set of three books which cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. The first book is a beginner's guide to help you take those first steps.

by André Keith

This book is a primer for couples interested in exploring "The Lifestyle" known as swinging. You'll learn great tips for throwing your own swinger parties, how to meet and attract other swingers, as well how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that happen while swinging.

Image Link to Swingers.Org Website

Offers a variety of articles about the Lifestyle and is a good source of information rather than a "hook-up" site.

Image Link to Life on the Swingset

One of the highest-rated podcasts devoted to swinging.


Link to Purchase More than Two by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

By Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

One of the more well written and researched guides to the wide world of polyamory. One to read if you are seriously considering polyamory.

Image Link to

Good Website for those exploring and wanting more information on polyamory.

Image Link to Polyamory in the 21st Century

By Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

One of the more well written and researched guides to the wide world of polyamory. One to read if you are seriously considering polyamory.

Image Link To Eight Things I wish I'd Known About Polyamory

By Cunning Minx

Highlights classic landmines people often experience in polyamorous relationships.

Image Link To Polyamory Weekly

Website/Podcast with Cunning Minx

A Website and Weekly Podcast with a down-to-earth approach covering poly issues with a dose of compassion and humor.

Designer Relationships

Image Link To Purchase Designer Relationships Book

By Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson

Best-selling authors and nationally known relationship experts Patricia Johnson and Mark A. Michaels are exemplars of this life choice, and have studied polyamory for over 20 years. This book explains exactly how you and your loved ones can design your own life and love.

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