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Alternative Sexuality Services

If you came to this page, then it is likely that you are currently curious about alternative sexuality. Perhaps you feel like your sex life is always lacking. You may be having sex, yet, you crave more. On the other hand, maybe your partner has expressed a desire that bothers you.


When society thinks your desires are taboo, it isn’t easy to know how to handle those desires. Some people don’t share their desires with their partners for fear that they will be rejected. Shame is a powerful and painful emotion. Thus, we learn how to avoid it at all costs. However, while security may be vital to our relationships, we cannot ignore sexual needs. Unmet needs usually lead to poor mental health and frustration.

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For Alternative Sexuality Counseling / Coaching Services

Alternative Sexuality

Wanting to explore new sexual experiences is common. These types of desires are not only normal but positive and healthy. Yet, while this may be true, people who have these desires still feel negative emotions. Most people are afraid to talk about these issues. Men, particularly, are discouraged from talking about their feelings from a young age. After all, society doesn’t approve of talking about sex and, likewise, also doesn’t approve of men feeling vulnerable.

As with many careers, the longer you practice, the more specialized you become. Sex therapy and counseling are, likewise, no different. Over 30 years, I have become an expert in alternative sexual expression. I work with people who wish to gain insight and accept their unique desires. My clients need a therapist who understands their lifestyle issues without judgment.  

I accept Alternative Sexuality Clients on a Case by Case basis

The war on sexuality in America has become more prominent recently.  As a result, fears and concerns about sexuality are rising among those who want to explore their sexuality. I encourage you to reach out to sex-positive therapists and coaches!  


You don’t have to navigate this alone!


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Common Questions

Sex Therapy/Coaching is a form of talk therapy focused on sexuality. With sex therapy, the focus is on sex and sexuality rather than assuming these issues will resolve if communication and other relationship issues improve.  

Alternative Sexuality is still considered a taboo in our society. Recent events have highlighted the war on Sexuality in America and around the world!  As a result, increased levels of shame, anxiety, fear, guilt, and self-doubt affect those who are either curious or living in Alternative Lifestyles.  

While sex therapists have more advanced education and experience with sexuality issues, we also work with many other issues besides sexuality such as managing relationships, mood issues, stress management, self-esteem & confidence, and life transition.

While sometimes people choose to work with me to gain insight and acceptance of their unique desires and behaviors. Others want to work on anxiety, stress or life transition issues and need a therapist who understands their lifestyle. Your goals and your personal effort will determine what and how much you get from therapy/coaching.

Alternative means of sexual expression are those areas of sexual behavior and sexuality that are considered atypical from what most of our society consider typical. While these types of behavior may be atypical, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many, many people who engage in them in positive and healthy ways.

As a therapist who specializes in sexuality, this is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients. What I tell them is that if you have experienced some form of sexual dysfunction, been divorced, had infidelity in your relationship, lacked intimacy with your partner, had little to no sex education, then congratulations, you are normal! In our society we grow up with a culture that is obsessed with sex yet is one of the most sex negative cultures on the planet. It is no wonder that most of us struggle with a part of our life that we are taught to believe “should” come naturally, yet without the proper tools is nearly impossible.

Yes.  A healthy outlook and expression of sexuality can have an amazingly beneficial influence on one’s life.  The issue is finding your own voice for your sexuality.

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