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AB/DL Resources

Resources for the AB/DL and Age Play communities are increasing.  As the community expands and more suppliers offer products for AB/DL, it is becoming more difficult for us to keep up!  I’ve provided a list of resources I have been able to verify so far but this list will likely continue to grow or change in the future.

I am NOT associated with any other business, speaker, or organization at this time.

I do NOT endorse nor am I paid by any of these businesses.  

I offer the links as a courtesy to my clients and those who are interested.

If you have any further recommendations or concerns about the links offered, please feel free to contact me.

Please note that I cannot guarantee you will have a good experience on any of these sites or with any of the retailers I have listed. I cannot assume any legal, financial, or any other responsibility for interactions between yourself and those listed below. This is merely a resource page for your reference.  


Websites and Social Media

Understanding Infantilism is a place to find information about infantilism, diaper fetishes, adult babies, diaper lovers, and the ABDL community. An excellent resource for better understanding and information.

Daily Diapers is an online home for the AB/DL community with stories, forums and chats, personal ads and services for the community. It is an adults only site.

Social Media for those from the kinky communities. Meet other like-minded people, and find events and munches.

Many find Twitter a great way to quickly find ABDL friends and engage in playful ways by sharing photos, role-play and entertaining commentary.

This instant messenger is known for its cute stickers and across-platform social groups that can handle a fair amount of members and moderation of those groups. You can also send short video clips, sound clips, and photos over the platform. If you are struggling to find ABDL telegram groups, ask around and one of your fellow ABDL pals might be able to help you get an invite.

Discord is a popular choice for ABDLs online. It appeals to those who enjoy voice chat and gaming and was recently ranked #3 on a recent survey of ABDLs for socializing.

Instagram has a relatively large ABDL user base, and by using ABDL-related tags, many will find your posts!

We recommend using a few of the following tags to get started:#Ageplay #Cute #ABDLClothing #ABDLcommunity #LittleSpace #Infantilism #Diapers #AgeplayLifestyle #Ageplayer #AdultDiaper #AdultBabies #CGL #AdultBaby #DiaperLover #ABDL #ABDLCouple #ABDLLifestyle #ABDLLife #AgeplayKink #AdultBabyBoy #AdultBabyGirl #DiaperKink #GayABDL #StraightABDL #QueerABDL #TransABDL #BabyFur #BabyPup #AdultBabyDiaperLover #ABDLTrans #ABDLGenderQueer #ABDLDiaperGirl #LegalLittlesLeague #AdultPaci

Reddit is the ultimate place to lurk and engage with the ABDL community through a variety of subreddits. The primary Reddit is /ABDL. You can find subreddits dedicated to role-play, diaper pics, diaper personal ads, and so much more. I recommend checking out the managed directory on the primary /ABDL subreddit. There is a utopia of useful information, such as other ABDL subreddits, and a listing of resources such as an ABDL retailers list, including ABDL businesses worldwide. is an active community catering to mainly adults who wear diapers. Their members are AB/DLs, incontinent people, and babyfurs. Many of their members fit into more than one of those groups. There are also those who appreciate other elements of AB/DL, caretakers, and friends who wish to learn more. This is a not-for-profit site that has no ads and doesn’t sell anything.


A map of all AB/DL-aware and supportive businesses and services in the physical world.


The Chicago Age Play Convention (CAP Con) is an annual gathering, convention, conference, and vendor expo of and for age players and ABDL’s. It is held in Chicago, IL each year, is one of the largest in the country, and is a total hotel take-over.

The first event is planned for Fall 2023.  The first event will be honoring ticket values paid by TeddyCon ticket holders in 2020 and 2021.

The WCJG is a weekend conference event for those wishing to come together with other Age Players. It provides a safe place for age players to express themselves, learn, and share their ideas, thoughts, and dreams. They can do all these things while supporting each other and the group’s mission of promoting awareness of Age Play. It is held each year in San Diego, CA.

KangaCon is a conference event held in Queensland, Australia, starting in 2021. They aim to provide an all-inclusive, safe space for age players to express themselves, learn, and share their ideas, thoughts, and dreams while supporting each other through education, volunteering, and respect.

Babyfur Con® is an 18+ furry convention made for babyfurs, by babyfurs. They are welcoming to everyone, including age players, ABDLs, furries, kidfurs, caretakers, bigs, littles, middles, and more.


You're Not Broken: Dr. Rhoda's Guide To Strong Self Worth

Dr. Rhoda’s extensive experience working with AB/DL’s and their partners will guide you to let go of your painful emotions and create the life you deserve and desire. In her latest book you will learn the tools and techniques necessary to accept, even celebrate, this side of yourself. Build a strong sense of self-worth. Discover loving ways to educate and negotiate with your partner.

The Big Book for Littles: Tips and Tricks for Age Players & Their Partners

A practical guide to age play just for Littles! Get ideas for age play activities, connecting with the Little community, and better communicating just who your Little self is. Start getting more out of Little Space by putting more into it!

Online Stores

Pro Tip: Be sure to check out all the stores!  

There are several that ship internationally and will have unique products you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

US and Canada

United Kingdom


Other Countries

Physical Stores

Physical stores that sell AB/DL Products.

2910 S Tejon St. Englewood, CO


3335 Paine Ave, Everett, WA 98201

4716 Benson Ave, Halethorpe, MD 21227

UK By Appointment only  –

Strom Holdings UK LTD Unit 10, The Albion Salford Greater Manchester M5 4BE

2071 Route Marie-Victorin Local #118, Qc, J3X 1R3 (In front of Jean Coutu)

Rue Nicolas Berger 13b 6700 Arlon Belgique

2 rue du cimetière 67320 Bust

My Inner Baby - US

15480 Herriman Blvd, Noblesville, IN 46060 (behind the first building on Herriman)

656 Colby Dr, Waterloo, ON N2V 1A2, Canada

512 W Northwest Hwy, Mt Prospect, IL 60056

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