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Statement From Dr. Rhoda

Statement regarding the Elite AB Clinic and Mark Young  

As a rule, I do my best to stay out of the general disputes on social media. While I have opinions, I keep them to myself. These things usually pass, and getting involved doesn’t improve the situation. However, one case has been going on for too long, and it is time to release this statement and clarify my position. I need to clear up any misunderstanding about my alleged involvement with the Elite AB Clinic and Mark Young, its founder. 

Mark Young contacted me about a year ago stating he had a plan to create a nursery experience for ABs; a safe space to regress for the weekend with a caregiver, and the ability to have counseling for any issues/trauma they have experienced, etc. He asked if I would consider being a consultant for the nursery. I always want to be supportive of anyone who says they want to help the AB/DL community and until I know more, I give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I responded that this sounded like a great idea, there is undoubtedly a need for such services, and I was interested in learning more about it. However, I did not commit to be a consultant or trainer of his staff in any way. We exchanged a few introductory emails and nothing further.

A few weeks later, I was informed by someone who had contacted him that he had copied part of my website and had pasted it onto his website without my permission. I contacted him and told him he did not have permission to use my work product and to remove it immediately. He complied, apologized saying he didn’t realize he had done anything wrong and promised me he would not tell people (directly or indirectly) that I was involved with the clinic. I thought the issue was resolved.

Over the past few months, I have received more emails from people saying he continued to imply my involvement with the Elite AB Clinic. I learned that he was still using screenshots of my website on social media in what appears to be an attempt to insinuate my involvement, approval, or support. When I confronted him about this, he stated that people have been “attacking him,” this was a big misunderstanding, etc.

Again, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope his intentions were good. I told him I hoped he could create a safe space for people in the community if that was his true intention.

Later, I learned that Mark was now sending my emails to people as proof that I was “supporting him.” I let him know that I did not appreciate him sharing my emails publicly, and that this was inappropriate and must stop immediately. Apparently, it has not.

Today I learned that he is now posting them on social media, blocking out some parts, and using other people’s text messages as if they have come from me and giving the impression that I support him and he is being victimized. I have never once sent Mr. Young any text messages!

Let me make this completely clear:

I have not, in the past, nor will I in the future, have any association with the Elite AB Clinic or Mark Young. If anyone tells you that I have ever been or am currently involved with them, this is false. I have never given Mark Young permission to use information from my website, my emails, sent him text messages, or anything else to promote the Elite AB Clinic or any other names it may have in the future. While I had hoped that Mr. Young was just uninformed about how these types of associations are created and meant no harm, I am doubtful that he is so uninformed after being repeatedly told not to use my name, information, etc. 

This nonsense needs to stop.

I still hope there will be people and places that can provide the type of safe nursery experience that many in the community want and need. For those seeking these services, be careful, as there are those in the world who will take advantage of your need. Do your research and ask others in the community if such places are legitimate. If anyone claims that I am involved or supporting their work, please email me and confirm if this is the case. Be safe out there.

Dr. Rhoda

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